Copabo Infra is the greatest company specialized in Marine Fenders Systems and Safety Solutions in Brazil. Since its establishment in 1996, we have performed projects in the main Brazilian ports and terminals.

Our products protect the port infrastructure and the vessels using the port by transforming the ports in safer and trustworthy places reducing the risk of accidents as well as substantially enhancing the quality of the moorings.

Copabo Infra provides not only the Marine Fenders but also several accessories for terminal and ports such as: Quick Release Hooks, Rails for Cranes, UHMW plates, Chains, Screws, Bollards among others.

  • Marine Fenders;
  • Laser Mooring System;
  • Quick Release Hooks;
  • Mooring Ropes;
  • Anchors and Moorings;
  • Marine Buoys;
  • Bollards;